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Juicers use and purchase

Juicer is back in 1930 by Dr Walker from noble vines (Dr. Norman Walker) invention. The doctor invented the world's first juicing machine is well known for is like active father of blender.
has come out so early, the juice tool, but what we really saw it in recent years, see Mall salesperson test for you on the spot. At the time of purchase how do we buy it? This is some skills to just go and buy back your roses juicer, you have to learn. Select a juicing machine is easy to clean, so that when you squeeze out the juice do not smell, ensure that next juice fresh and delicious. And easy to operate, don't wait until someone comes back to do, that's a bit impractical. One is durable, that is, quality assurance, not repaired a few days time. You certainly won't get to use this juice Extractor. Buy a juicing machine, pay attention to its speed, not too fast or too slow, too fast, for squeezed juice of oxidized, deactivated General requirements at 1000 rpm, 700-800 the most appropriate. Power is a criterion for evaluating a juicer efficiency, high power juice and faster and cleaner fruit juice. Filter is an important criterion of our buy juicers.
a good juicer filter surface is smooth and escape to the right.
  When used in some points to note. Such as do not directly water cleaning, component may flush when you live inside has burned out. Not installed before the Cup, to switch and carefully wound to the hand. The blade position and fully tighten the Cup to prevent loss or leakage. BACK

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