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Small gifts so you buy or sell

&Nbsp;   you may see lots of cute little accessories on the streets, all kinds of strange, the most suitable for children and lovers. But what is right for us? How to sell better? Perhaps this is something we care about.
  small gifts for a loved one, the price is not high, but affection, is suitable for expression. Between our emotional communication.
but how to sell it? You need to add some thoughts, plus some of their own ideas of it, recently heard us before the PLA's shoes. Before our parents ' generation would know best, dressed up, and now people will say on the way out, but now it is under renovation. Foreign became fashionable, and some domestic sales in China.
This is just an example, illustrates a point. Old things can be combined with our small modification could become our new products.
  how to buy a gift?
is a little knowledge in it. When Street was because you found so many things, first choose the most important, based on character and loved. Something to like girls generally prefer the q boys can't. And the other is working. To select a work better, not too rough.
  a Word to choose their own gift. Is the best gift. BACK

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