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Gift culture

Gift packaging

For the gift industry, well aware of packaging for gifts is a very important step, as if people wear clothes, like what to wear on behalf of individual character.
as a kind of packaging for gift wrapping, except that it must meet the basic functions which protect goods, transmission of information, to sell goods, also focused on passing emotions from person to person exchange of information to enhance taste in gifts, medium and we deal with it is the human love of bridge.
   today said the gift packaging design, I mean not only a specific area, such as souvenir packaging, should be integrated into packaging vertical and transverse field technically, gift wrapping always involving the gift wrap, penetrating all product packaging, the packaging design type it should be diversified, all-round. For example: flower packaging, food packaging, clothes packaging, product packaging, crafts, cosmetics packaging, packaging products, commodity packaging, fruit packaging, toys, packaging, and so on.
Gift packaging with "love" as it claims, with "communication" as the purpose of the Institute, to form integration of content and design to promote "courtesy" taste. In terms of its culture, gift wrapping and the two sides reflect: one is the gift packaging design should highlight the cultural characteristics and the characteristics of the times; the second is gift packaging design material selection in packaging, with natural materials to deliver "strong, simple" affection and "natural harmony" culture.

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