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Gift culture

Gifts to encourage affection

Like to watch football, you should be familiar with, and started both of Captain will exchange gifts and flags. Such a small field, and can be seen as an emotional platform for the exchange of gifts.
any visiting strangers or meet for the first time will bring a gift, since time immemorial. For gifts is a vessel containing emotion, expression of affection and friendship. Through which the emotions to better establish, transfer and save. Called it a stepping stone of this stepping stone, not only can knock on doors of each other, can knock the other person's heart!
Let us investigate why gift for our social stepping stone so important?
of whether you are visiting for the first time or after, bring a gift on behalf of a good faith. Gift is not of much value, but how much you spend. That your attitude toward each other is positive, can begin to make a good impression, may base pad for next time. Sometimes the other party does not want to see you, but know that if you bring a gift, to avoid embarrassment. This can be used now as saying. Gift is one emotion packed into a container, then passed to the target object. Gifts as the most effective way of communicating than that, of course. In short, as the behavioral norms of etiquette can make people and people get a good boost. There is nothing bad to do it?
reciprocity is one of China's social norms, not to reciprocate. Just like a spider's Web, a line will break sooner or later. Then have to acknowledge
people living in the countryside will know there is such a rule, each handle weddings and funerals when, it will receive some number of gifts. Family to receive gifts, write these down to prepare for the next to return. This can form a large network. Catch more contacts, the media is the gift of nature.

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