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Low-carbon life starting from the power

Now people live without electricity every day, we eat, lighting, entertainment and so on. Environmental low-carbon is the new ideas of our modern society. Scientific power, is a small thing for us, but for environmental protection is a major event.
is used mainly in our country coal resources, and carbon dioxide in the air is the main ingredient, with the amount of carbon dioxide in the air to improve my global temperature increase year by year, polar glaciers continue to decrease in Alpine snow reduced river flow. Reduce the amount of carbon dioxide the most direct way is to reduce our electricity consumption. Summer is very hot, and we often use air conditioners, air temperature can be adjusted higher, reducing electricity use, not on all day, or you can use the fan. After use switch off as soon as possible, such as household appliances, and electricity-saving. Entertainment and work with computers, and in no time we can turn off the monitor or the host can also be set to standby when you go out. Do not underestimate this each little thing and it will bring us considerable energy savings. A drop of rain can also be gathered into the sea, which is the same way.

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